piątek, 22 lipca 2016


We are at the end of the second summer school and I don’t know what to feel right now!
I’m happy about how it went the all school, children opened to us and changed from the ones we met the 11th of July.
I’m sad because I was getting used to all of them and say goodbye is always a little bit sad. Starting from the youngest ones Oliwia, Łucjia and Hubert to the oldest ones, the two Julia, Michał, Hania and so on…I will miss all of them and I’m sure this is going to influence the way I will look at the new incomers. J
I have also to say that I’m proud of myself because I was able to manage the actitivies and to involve everyone in the actitivies. I don’t say it has been easy, on the contrary this put me to the test and measure what I can and can’t do. So, yeah, I’m proud!
Anyway, despite everything we collected good memories and learnt new things for sure. From the day about tolerance, when we watched one of my favourite cartoon Zootopia, to the anatomy day, children had the chance to go deeper about topics that are important in daily life but no one is paying too much attention on them. Tolerance is a concept that is given from society but not everyone can explain the real meaning and what really surprised me was that while we were talking about stereotypes, children could give a perfect definition about what a stereotype is but actually they didn’t really have any!
The week run so fast but thanks to Mariam we also had the chance to know something more about our bodies, from the organs and their functioning to the way we should eat to live a healthy life.
After almost two weeks of bad weather we also had the chance to go outside for some outdoor activities, we played a lot on the playground usually making team-games so that through competition they were improving their skills to cooperate inside the group.
We ended the summer school in the proper way! Everyone brought some sweets, snaks and drinks so that we could do a goodbye party, but the “party” could start before the tasks of the city game were done! J Everyone made a good job so we awarded them with diplomas designed from ourselves and children were really happy to receive them.

The day and the school so was really over, last group pictures as memories and last hugs and kisses. I will bring all those children in my memory and I wish all of them good luck! 

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